Miss Kitty’s Saloon…


Miss Kitty’s Saloon has recently opened on Beaufort Street, Inglewood.  The menu is American/Canadian inspired, with dishes such as ribs, poutine, and fried chicken – the latest venture from Scottish chef Iain Lawless.  I have only lived in Australia since late 2009, so to me Iain Lawless is the mastermind behind the great Kitsch in Leederville (which he sold in 2012) – I did not know until writing this post that he actually won the first series of My Kitchen Rules!

01 Miss Kittys

Miss Kitty’s has a funky, cool op-shop feel – with an old piano, a rocking chair – just like hanging out in Grandma’s front room – dark, but cosy.

We started off with old-school devilled eggs, very fitting with the theme actually because I have very fond memories of my Grandmother’s devilled eggs from the 1980’s!

04 Miss Kittys

A fun take on a classic dish, Miss Kitty’s version came with a deep fried whole boiled egg, simple but yum!

05 Miss Kittys
Hot Wing Pancakes were served with ranch sauce and pickled carrot.  A little pancake, about 5cm in diameter – chicken with a nice hint of spice, a dollop of blue cheese on top.   A fresh-tasting, bite-sized lead up to the meaty goodness to come!

The Coffin Bay oysters were served with lime & gin slushy, with the option to add grilled chorizo for an additional $5 – which is what we went for.  The tart-tasting, icy slushy was delicious on the oysters, but the chorizo was served as a big hunk on the plate – I had envisaged that it would be diced and scattered on the top.  It just looked a bit careless, especially because the lime & gin slushy looked great served in a little jar with a teaspoon.  You had to cut a rough piece off and it was a bit too much  then, I actually ate the oysters and the chorizo separate.  Oysters were lovely though, probably the only small negative of the night.

06 Miss Kittys

The Roast Suckling pig was served with tomato relish and flatbread.  The pork was succulent, the relish was quite sweet – nice, but when it comes to meat, I usually prefer the taste of the meat on its own, especially juicy pork!  The house made flatbreads were soft, doughy, delicious!

07 Miss Kittys

Simple good-old Fried Chicken was the highlight dish for me.  Served with a light-coloured gravy and naughty mash that tasted like it had equal parts potatoes to butter!  The chicken coating was really crispy, with a great mix of herbs and spices.  Gavin thinks that New Zealanders are obsessed with fried chicken, maybe he’s right – but this dish was definitely a winner with the entire table – so it’s not just us kiwis!   Having only one piece was just a tease though.

08 Miss Kittys

We of course had to try the famous Canadian dish Poutine.  Fries, curds and gravy – we also opted to add a slab of foie gras.  Very  rich; in a good way, but it probably would have been best served at the beginning of the meal because we were a bit full when it came out – but I picked away regardless as I couldn’t help myself!

09 Miss Kittys

Next time brunch – so I can try this Chicken & Waffle dish that everyone has been talking about!

10 Miss Kittys

Dinner – Wednesday 19 June 2013
Miss Kitty's Saloon on Urbanspoon
Miss Kitty's Saloon on Urbanspoon

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