The Classroom for Pre-Dinner Cocktails…


We wanted to sneak in a few drinks before dinner at No 4 Blake Street, so Gavin suggested the Classroom.  We had a great meal there back when it first opened, but have not returned since.  It was great to see the addition of a new room – which you get to through a secret door disguised as a bookcase – very cool.  The new space used to be a Chinese massage shop (not a dodgy one the barman told me!) and has been open since November.

08 Classroom

The Classroom has taken out numerous awards since opening in February last year: 2012 Gold Plate small bar category, AHA best themed venue 2012 and AHA Mixology & Cocktail Menu of the Year 2012 – pretty impressive for a bar in its inaugural year – they have set the standard high.

01 Classroom
The cocktail list is broken into “subjects” – History, Art and Science.  My first selection was in Art 101 – the “Rocky Flip” – Kraken Spiced Rum, dark chocolate liqueur, maple, egg, Best Extra Stout, grated nutmeg: served in a Coopers’ mug.

The term “flip” was first used way back in 1695.  It was a mixture of beer, rum and sugar, which was heated.  Over time the beer has been eliminated (but not in this case), eggs added and the drink is served cold.  My Rocky Flip was light and fluffy, the stout flavour present but softened with the chocolate – a bit too sweet for Gav, but I loved it.

02 Classroom

Gav ordered an “Ode to Robert Burns” – Cocoa butter fat washed Johnnie Walker Double Black, Antica Formula, whiskey liqueur, chocolate bitters, cigar and cocoa nib smoke, poetry garnish – which I didn’t really pay any attention to as I was anticipating my own drink, but then I looked over and saw this set up…

03 Classroom

The Ode to Robert Burns – in the Science 101 section, is described on the menu as being served on a large ice sphere and smoked inside a custom tin lunchbox with cocoa nib and Scottish pipe tobacco.  Cocoa nibs are cocoa beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks and broken into small pieces.  The Bobbie Burns is a classic cocktail but the classroom has altered the original by fat washing the whisky.  I had no idea what that meant, but have since discovered that it is the addition of melted fat, (in this case cocoa butter), chilled so that the fat solidifies, then the fat removed – but the flavour stays.

04 Classroom

And the finished product…

05 Classroom
I’m going to be a girl and say that it tasted like whisky! A nice, smooth, smoky, easy drinking whisky – but just whisky.  Gav enjoyed his drink, but did not really get a cocoa butter/chocolate taste.

06 Classroom

Time for one more drink before heading off to dinner – this drink from Art 103: “The Lemon Boulevard” – West Wind Sabre, French vermouth, yuzu juice, gomme, lemon twist.

07 Classroom
Nice and refreshing, especially in contrast to my Rocky Flip, but I do sometimes find that citrus-based drinks make me a bit thirsty! West Winds Sabre is a traditional British-style gin, but with the addition of Wattle seeds; distilled in Margaret River.  I’m keen to try it in a G&T!

A great place to park up at the bar and watch the creative cocktail action.

Thursday 20 June 2013

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Please also refer to my October 2013 post Halloween Cocktail Degustation at the Classroom

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