Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall…


A coffee or a number one?!  The first thing you come across as you enter off King Street is a fantastic, industrial-looking retro barber shop and the super cool “no cuts no glory” wall.
Uncle Joe's 03
Uncle Joe’s has an all day breakfast menu and they now do lunch deliveries within the CBD.  They also do different daily specials; on Monday a meatball sub, Tuesdays beef pie and mash and smoked cheese kransky hot dogs on Fridays.  Gavin and I both start with a super-healthy “Lemon and Ginger Blast” our whole daily dose of fruit and vege in one hit: apples, lemon, ginger, celery, coriander, parsley, cucumber, fennel and mint.  The taste?  Healthy!  The ginger probably most dominant flavour.

Uncle Joe's Juice

I ordered a “F.A.T” which is feta, avocado, tomato, basil and lime on toast – and added a poached egg.  Creamy feta and the avocado was perfectly ripe and freshly mashed.  The vine-ripened tomatoes were just warm and extremely flavoursome – a nice dish.

Uncle Joe's F.A.T

Gav’s “Tradie Sanga” didn’t quite hit the mark. Smoked bacon, egg, spinach homemade BBQ relish.  It was a bit dry, and as Gavin mentioned; a tradie sanga should definitely not have spinach in it and be served on a multi-grain loaf!  We did after ordering, notice that the menu did say choice of bread – but we were not asked when ordering.  It needed something naughty in it, some cheese and a hash brown perhaps, and butter dripping everywhere!

Uncle Joe's Tradie Sanga

Uncles Joe’s cake and slices are all made in-house by their pastry chef.  I ordered a “Salted Caramel and Pecan Slice”.
Uncle Joe's Salted Caramel & Pecan
Yum!  Chewy, salty, sweet caramel, chunky pecans – I could not resist, and ate it before my flat white arrived!

Uncle Joe's Flat White
Uncle Joe’s is a great spot.  A peaceful place in the city to sit and chill with the newspaper.  The “military mess hall” fit out is absolutely stunning – definitely worth a look, and with the retractable roof – will be great when the sun comes out.

Uncles Joe's 01

Lunch – Monday 15 July 2013

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