Breakfast at Sayers Sister…


Little sister to Sayers Food in Leederville, Sayers Sister opened late 2012.  Beautiful decor – exposed brick, paint-chipped wood, quirky furniture and light fittings; and buzzing on a winter Monday morning – we got the last available table.
Sayers Sister 01
I decided on the Bubble & Squeak, but dependent on whether the dish had peas in it.  I had déjà-vu of asking this question on my last visit in January, but I thought I’d give it another whirl.  Yes, the bubble & squeak does have peas in it, but the girl behind the counter said she would go and double check for me.  Good news – it usually does (as is tradition), but for some reason the chef didn’t put peas in this batch.  I have a silly, almost irrational fear of peas (of the frozen variety) which I think stems from my childhood that I haven’t quite grown out of!

Sayers Sister Bubble & Squeak

Thank you chef for forgetting the peas!  The bubble and squeak cake was served with smoked spec, poached eggs, wilted spinach and hollandaise.  A big, thick, juicy slab of spec; tasted great and looked impressive.  The bubble and squeak cake was well seasoned and flavoured with wholegrain mustard.  The hollandaise was rich and buttery, with a slight tang; made in-house as it should be.

Sayers Sister Potato Rosti

Gav ordered the potato rosti, bramley apple and thyme chutney, poached eggs, bacon and rocket leaf.  He enjoyed his breakfast, but the rosti itself lacked a bit in flavour and seasoning.

The last time I was at Sayers Sister which was back in January my breakfast came out looking like a work of art, and tasted as good as it looked.  Pancetta wrapped asparagus spears, poached eggs, hollandaise and parmesan crisps.  So beautiful, I thought I would share in this post.
Sayers Sister January breakfast

The menu states that they use local produce, including locally farmed free range eggs and free range chicken.  There is a great variety of original breakfast dishes, not just the run-of-the-mill dishes served at some cafes.  I am glad I live in walking distance from the great brunch spot.

Breakfast – Monday 29 July 2013

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  1. I love Sayer’s Sister… for some reason it’s become even more of a favourite than the original Sayers in Leederville. Great shots of your breaky (the bubble and squeak is a favourite of mine, despite the peas!). Were you at EDB 2013? Trying to remember if I’ve met you!

    • Thanks! No I wasn’t at EDB, I’m just a rookie! Have only been doing this sporadically for the last 6 months, so I don’t think we have met. I have just had a quick look at your blog too – wow! Amazing pics!

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