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01 Ombra
Ombra, the Grossi family’s latest venture managed by Guy Grossi’s son Carlo, is located next door to the also Grossi-owned Cellar Bar and longstanding Melbourne institution Grossi Florentino on Bourke Street.  Ombra specialises in salumi – Italian salted and cured meats.  We popped in for a late lunch and a glass of red, (Italian of course) on a Monday afternoon.

Our first dish was “Prosciutto, Pickled Radicchio Crostini”.  I loved this dish, which was finished off with a drizzle of good quality olive oil – so simple, but beautiful.  The dish looked great on the plate and I enjoyed the contrast of flavours – the soft, salty, melt in your mouth prosciutto with the tart radicchio.

02 Ombra

We then had “Pork Belly Crocchette, Tomato Relish”.  The croquettes were nice, and I don’t like to compare – but they were nothing on the ones that we had at Movida the night before!  It’s not every day that you have pork belly croquettes on two consecutive days!  They had more potato, less meat – still very enjoyable, just different.

03 Ombra

The “Crisp 12 Hour Lamb Ribs” – juicy meat, crisp, tasty fat, served with a house-made sweet chilli sauce.  The sauce was lovely and sticky with just the right amount of heat, great for cutting through the fattiness of the meat.

04 Ombra
Then our ‘tagliere di salumi‘ arrived, served on a square marble slab – a selection of three salumi from the menu.    We asked our waitress to choose for us – she picked the “Felini”, “Venison Salami” and “Borgo Capocollo”.

05 Ombra

The deep red, gamey venison salami is impressively made in-house.  The other salumi on the menu including the Felini we had, are made by local small goods producer Dino Fabbris.  Head Chef James Vardis explained that they use Berkshire Pork from Corowa in New South Wales which they send to Dino and make the salumi with his assistance, using their own recipes.

Felini is a pork salami from the town of Felino in Italy, which is in the foothills of the Apennines behind Parma and is known in Italy as the King of Salami.   It is stuffed by hand into a natural casing and is supposed to be softer than other salami with a sweet taste.

The Capocollo (coppa) from the ‘friends of ours‘ list on the menu comes from Borgo Smallgoods, a Queensland based family-owned company established in 1966.  Capocollo is made from the neck of pork, first rolled in salt and spices and then air-dried.

Ombra Salumi

06 Ombra

A great spot for a glass of wine and delicious Italian fare.

Lunch – Monday 19 August 2013

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