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I quite often find myself wanting a quick and easy meal out, and it is sometimes even cheaper, and definitely more convenient than going to the supermarket, buying ingredients and cooking at home.  Snags and Sons is a refreshing change to the normal stock-standard international fast food chains, which I try to only frequent the day after a big night out!  Justin Bell of Jus Burgers opened Snags in Sons in Leederville in March 2012, a few doors down from Jus Burgers and offers a small menu of different hot dogs which come on their own or as a meal with slaw and a baked potato.

Snags 03

I ordered the “Toulouse” which comes with bacon, caramelised onions, warm brie and Dijon mustard.  I opted for the meal, at $13 – a bargain.  In addition to your hot dog, you also receive a small dish of house-made slaw and and baked potato with candy bacon, Swiss cheese and sour cream.  The bread roll was soft and super fresh, with just a light crunch on the outside, and the hot dog tasted even better with the fresh, crunchy slaw spread through it.  I loved the subtly sweet candy bacon and stretchy bits of melted Swiss with the potato – and you can’t have a baked potato without sour cream!

Snags 02

Another great spot for a snack in fun Leederville.

Lunch Saturday 24 August 2013
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