Food Trucks – We’re Getting There Slowly!


I have been reading articles about food trucks; in particular in LA and New York for years.  We are not talking greasy hot dogs and dry “what kind of meat is this” hamburgers – the variety and quality of food being pumped out by food trucks all over the world is impressive, with the added “hip factor” bonus of super-cool fit outs and graphic design.   Social media is used to build up a following, and to entice you to their current locations with mouthwatering pics of their offerings – sometimes one-off dishes of the day.  Here in Australia we have Where the Truck where you pick your city from a drop down box and if there are food trucks about in your chosen city, they will show as pins on the map.  There are almost 100 trucks registered – a high number of them based in Melbourne (also an iPhone App).

Butty's 03

Melbourne and Sydney were prompt at jumping on the food truck bandwagon, but here in Perth the public trading laws prohibited mobile food vendors, unless they were part of an event, to avoid conflict with existing businesses.  The laws are being reviewed, with Curtin University the first place to regularly host food trucks as part of a six month trial.  Comida do Sul has also recently started serving Brazilian fare – mainly in the Fremantle area.

Butty’s is an American style food truck that prides itself on real food, not mass produced.  They offer food such as beef ribs, buffalo wings and burgers and have set up “shop” outside the Perth Cultural Centre for the month of September (except Sundays).

Butty's 02

We both ordered the Original Beef Rib Burger – 15 hour braised short ribs, coleslaw, cheese, grilled onions and Butty’s secret BBQ sauce.  It was even served in a very authentic, brioche style bun, like the majority of the burgers we had whilst in the States last year.  The meat was juicy and tender, and the coleslaw added moistness and crunch.  If I had to be negative, it could perhaps have been a bit cheesier – and bigger!  I easily could have had two of them!

Butty's 01

It is great to have an additional temporary lunch option around the corner from home – and hopefully next month it will be a different truck – or better still – half a dozen to choose from!

Lunch – Monday 1 September 2013
Buttys Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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