Public House Before the Public…


We were lucky enough to be invited to the friends and family night (before opening to the public on Tuesday 19 November) by our friend Agustin Ortego, the Peruvian Sous Chef at Public House Kitchen & Bar – a brand new South American restaurant on Adelaide Terrace, which draws its influence from the cuisines of Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia.

Public House is part of the Publican Group which includes The Aviary, The George, The Byrneleigh and Wolf Lane.  

The menu is designed to be shared and is made up of a number of small tapas-style dishes, as well as larger options such as ribs and lots of other mouth-watering slow cooked meat!

There was a choice of two different empanadas on this particular evening, we chose the pork.  Probably my least favourite dish of the night, they were nice, but a little bit dry – as slow cooked pork can be if it doesn’t have much fat with it.  Still a nice snack with a beer though.

01 Empanadas
There was two different types of ceviche on the menu, we chose ceviche classico (sword fish) which came with lime, coriander, and chilli.  The other option was salmon, which came with orange, grapefruit and key lime.  You can’t really go wrong with a simple ceviche dish – nice fresh flavours.

02 Ceviche

The first thing I will mention about the bug tails, chilli butter, pawpaw & coconut is the presentation – the dish was beautiful!  We all went wow! when it was placed in front of us.  A great idea to serve with a pastry brush, the butter was slightly softened so you could smear it all over your tail!  Again, nice fresh flavours such as radish and pawpaw, and the green sauce tasted like it was made with coconut milk or cream, with spices similar to what would go into a Thai green curry paste.  Lucky there was four bug tails or there would have been arguments!

03 Bug Tails
Another good bar snack – crispy chick peas, came out in a cute little jar – and disappeared very quickly!

04 Crispy Chickpeas
I could easily have devoured the smoked Dr Pepper wagyu ribs with green chilli on my own!  The beautifully slow cooked meat fell cleanly off the bone, and had a subtle smoky flavour.  The lamb ribs are definitely on the must try list on my next visit – the combination of coffee, honey, lime and mint sounds intriguing!

05 Dr Pepper Ribs
There was a choice of four different cuts of beef, we chose the 30 day dry aged Amelia Park sirloin.  They all were served with smoked chilli butter, chimichurri and Peruvian pommes purée – which had chilli and lime in it.  I loved their choice of accompaniments with the beef (especially the peppery watercress which I can hardly ever find in Perth supermarkets!) and the lime gave a summer freshness to the mash.
06 Sirloin

We decided we could squeeze in a bit more so we ordered some bread and Quilmes chicken, oregano, pink pepper.  More perfectly cooked meat – the Argentinian beer keeping things moist.

07 Quilmes Chicken
We probably should have ordered this first, but the house baked bread, white bean purée, Brazil nut crumble was demolished in moments!  As bread should be – nice and crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, with lots of interesting flavours and textures for dipping.

We had also earlier ordered a couple of sides – almost as an afterthought, so glad we did!  I stupidly did not even bother to take photos as I dug into my “boring veges”.  The broccolini, beans, burnt butter & Brazil nut was incredible!  Even after the greens were gone, I found myself eating straight spoonfuls of the burnt butter!  Burnt heirloom carrots, thyme & goat’s curd were also sublime – note to self: order sides!

08 House Baked Bread
I can’t fail to mention the glass of Bodega Catena Zapata Alamos  Malbec from Mendoza – I will be hunting this down – and a steal at under $10 a glass.

It is definitely worth the trek down Adelaide Terrace to check out this new South American restaurant, a much needed addition to the Perth dining scene.

Dinner Monday 18 November 2013

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