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Morries Anytime is a great (and I think much needed) addition to the Margaret River dining scene.  As the name suggests, Morries makes the transition from coffee and brunch through to tapas and cocktails seven days a week and has been open since July 2012.
01 Morries
I could not deal with any more wine after spending the day at Gourmet Escape, so I ordered a  Pedro’s Daiquiri  from the innovative cocktail list – “alvear pedro ximinez sherry is shaken with kraken spiced rum, lime juice and then dusted with coffee grind and cinnamon”.

Gav ordered on the waiter’s recommendation of a “good manly cocktail” the Bull Bar – “bootleg’s raging bull tops up this revved up darky filled with jim beam small batch, ruby port, morries falurnum and berry farm chocolate liquor”.

In haste, maybe because they were so busy, mine was not shaken with ice, so warm and a bit too citrusy, the taste completely changed when a few ice cubes were added to cool it down, but not happy that it was then watered down.  I had a wee sip of Gav’s it was pretty full on!  Rich and stouty.  Gavin later described it as “bold and stouty” and said it hit him like they said it would.  He would not order another, but it did the job after a day on the vino!  For the record, he next ordered probably the most girly drink on the menu!

twice cooked japanese chicken, mayo, lemon” – subtly spiced coating and perfectly cooked, moist chicken – very more-ish, especially when it’s split evenly four ways!  Nicely presented with a cute little jar of Japanese mayonnaise.
02 Morries

“morries house made chorizo mix, tomato & pepper fondue, chick peas, parsley, lemon” – the mix is rolled into little sausages, instead of being put into a sausage casing, and then mixed through the tomato and pepper fondue – which we were told is particular to Madrid.  Great to see house-made chorizo on the menu, I enjoyed the texture and found it had just the right amount of spice.
03 Morries
“pork belly burger, salted cucumber, pickled wombok, japanese mayo, coriander” – I simply cannot go past a slider, especially if it is a pork belly slider (just ask my work colleagues!)  The delicious, sweet, American style brioche bun which we thought must have made in-house (but later found out that they were bought in) was perfect.  Salted cucumber cut through the fatty pork, very nice.  It needed to be close to perfect for $12 though!
04 Morries
wagyu burger, bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, mixed leaves, cold smoked tomato relish” – being a big pork fan, I thought the wagyu burger would come a close second, but no, the beef was the winner – it was so good!  Stock standard choice of accompaniments to the beef, but succulent juicy meat, melted cheese (the only way cheese should be served in a good burger!) and again, the amazing brioche bun made it pretty special.  Probably everyone’s favourite dish of the night.
05 Morries
“confit duck & pork hock terrine, apple & citrus chutney, hazelnut oil” – the terrine was a bit more hard and solid than I expected, I do like a terrine a wee bit softer, (maybe room temperature instead of cold) but no complaints, nice flavours and again good presentation.
06 Morries
“masterstock pork belly, thai caramel, coriander” – probably my least favourite dish of the night.  This is supposed to be one of their signature dishes, and I have read a number of reviews raving about the pork belly, but I found a bit too “masterstocky” -and  too much ginger, which takes away from the actual flavour of the pork.  It may have just been that batch, I will try it again next time, as everyone can’t be wrong about this dish!
08 Morries
“zucchini pasta, zucchini ribbons, creamy nut truffle sauce, peas, parsley, chives (100% raw)” – for me, this was the surprise star of the night.  I would not have ordered  this dish, which is what is great about a group ordering tapas, you have no choice but to get out of your comfort zone a bit.  I usually don’t even order vegetable-based tapas dishes, as I sway towards all the meat or cheese dishes – and this dish was vegan!  So fresh tasting, but you still got big flavours from the nut and truffle sauce, which was super thick like a paste.  Yum with the rare added bonus of being good for you!
09 Morries
“grilled haloumi on yallingup bread, hazelnut pesto, lemon & parsley” – I have not really had haloumi done this way, it seemed to have some kind of really light coating.  I have since found out that the haloumi is deep fried at a really high temperature which creates a coating on the outside and melts the cheese in the middle.  Nice to have something a bit different than what you would serve up at home.
10 Morries
Next time we are in Margaret River I am sure there will be multiple visits to Morries to finish off the tapas list and sample a few more cocktails – maybe even try brunch; I have heard a lot about a legendary breaky burger!

07 Morries

Dinner – Sunday 24 November 2013

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