Pleased to Meet You…


I get very excited every time a new restaurant pops up within walking distance from our house.  I had been checking out the construction work each morning, and figured out that 38 Roe Street must be the venue for Clint Nolan’s newest venture.  Harvest was a favourite of mine before it closed down late last year, at least we now have La Cholita and Who’s Your Mumma.  A new speakeasy bar behind Pleased to Meet You is also due to open in the next few months.

Pleased to Meet You 01
We were seated and then our waitress explained that the menu was up on the wall and that you ordered up at the bar.  It was my shout for dinner on this particular evening – but Gav went up to order our food and was told that you had to pay as you go – so ended up forking the bill!  He didn’t want to yell out to his girlfriend to bring over her credit card!  It was quiet when we were there so it didn’t really effect us, but if the place was busy and I had to line up and queue to order that second round of duck tacos – I would maybe decide against it.  The service was fantastic, but I would much rather be able to set up a tab and pay at the end.

Coconut Ceviche came out first.  The fish used was red emperor and the ceviche had a thai flavour – in coconut milk with coriander – there was a substantial amount of liquid.  I did enjoy the dish, but it was quite heavy for ceviche – I prefer it to be really clean and fresh-tasting.  My least favourite dish of the night, but definitely still enjoyable!

Pleased to Meet You 02
The slight lack of excitement I got from our first dish quickly disappeared when the Duck Taco, Corn Salsa came out – YUM!  These were so good that we had to order another round after all our dishes came out.  The tortillas were delicious – either made on premise or perhaps down the road at La Cholita?!  The duck was juicy and flavoursome, the corn had been char-grilled to make a nice salsa.  This dish inspired my own version the following weekend!

Pleased to Meet You 03
Pulled Pork Sliders were next.  These currently feature on quite a number of menus around town and I nearly always order them.  Please to Meet You’s version came on a toasted brioche bun with pickled red cabbage, coriander and some kind of barbeque sauce.  They were lovely, but when the same dish features in numerous bars and restaurants, you do tend to compare – and I can’t stop thinking about the sliders we had at Morries Anytime recently (which were double the price mind you).  The sliders were very tasty though and I would definitely order again.

Pleased to Meet You 04
Next to the bar is a rotisserie spit which serves up Coal Roasted Suckling Pig.  There was not a lot of pork left and the coals were only lit whilst we were there, so I think I will have to go back and try the suckling pig when a new beast is over the coals and there is plenty of crackling.  Our meat was lovely and tender, but not overly tasty, definitely not the smoky taste that you usually get with coal-roasted meat.  The smell coming out of the venue when I walked past a few days later was insanely mouthwatering though – so will pop in for a pint and some pork again soon!  The presentation was great, gorgeous blue and white dish – the chimichurri sauce served in a cute branded paper cup.

Pleased to Meet You 05
A couple of Grilled SA Oysters with Garlic came out next.  Nice fresh oysters, the flavour was quite rich though, happy with just one or two.

Pleased to Meet You 06
I had a Coco Loco  – a cocktail made with coconut infused cachaca, cherry, ginger and agave.  Gav had a lovely glass of Malbec.

Pleased to Meet You 07
It was definitely a toss up between the duck tacos and Raw Beef San Choy Bau for dish of the night.   The dressing was a mixture of the hot Thai chilli sauce sriracha with a bit of mayo and finely chopped cornichons – it was so good!  The raw beef was melt in the mouth, such a fresh summery dish – topped off with crumbled corn chips to give a bit of texture.

Pleased to Meet You 08
When you write a food blog and there is a dish on the menu called Ice Cream Nachos – of course you have to order it!

Pleased to Meet You 09
When it arrived at the table we tried to figure it all out.  It of course was a sweet dish with ice cream, there were definitely corn chips in there – but that can’t be cheese!  One of the knowledgeable wait staff explained that the “cheese” was slithers of mango and the “salsa” was made out of berries and mint – very clever!  It’s not something I would order again in a hurry (I prefer vanilla with ready salted!) but for pure novelty factor it’s a must!
Pleased to Meet You 10
We really enjoyed our experience at Pleased to Meet You, a great addition to our neighbourhood.  The staff and service was great, loved the food – if I have to be picky, table service is so much better for the customer!   I just didn’t like having to get the credit card out every time I wanted to order more food or another glass of wine.

Dinner – Thursday 2 January 2014

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