22 Ships – Wan Chai…

22 Ships 02
22 Ships is named after the tapas bar’s address in Wan Chai – 22 Ship Street.  Prior to launching his own restaurant company, Jason Atherton was part of the Gordon Ramsay group,  as the Executive Chef at Maze in London.

His flagship restaurant, Pollen Street Social in London was awarded a Michelin within just six months of opening. Jason also has restaurants in Shanghai, New York and Singapore, as well as two other restaurants in Hong Kong – jamón bar Ham & Sherry, also on Ship Street and Aberdeen Street Social.  Restaurants in Sydney and in Dubai are due to open in 2015.

We landed in Hong Kong around 7:00am – but too excited to sleep all day, we set off to Wan Chai.
22 Ships 01
Red Sangria – textured red sangria, freeze-dried raspberry powder, a clever variation on  the traditional and tasted great!  There was also a white sangria on the menu which was flavoured with apple and ginger foam, and lime zest.
22 Ships 03
Scallop ceviche, apple, walnut, yuzu – I don’t eat cooked scallops, but served as a ceviche I really enjoyed them.  The presentation was faultless, stunning on the plate, with great flavour combinations.  This dish got me very excited about what was to follow!
22 Ships 04
Beef tartare, egg yolk puree, pickled mushrooms, hazelnut – yet another work of art which also tasted fantastic.
22 Ships 05
Baked bone marrow, gentleman’s relish was ordered from the specials board.  This dish was totally amazing, one of my favourites of the meal.  There was some kind of slow-cooked meat mixed in with the bone marrow which I later found out was beef cheek – and snails!  Gentleman’s relish is a traditional British condiment that was created back in 1828, made with anchovies, spices and butter.
22 Ships 06
Iberico pork and foie gras burger, avocado, cucumber pickles – definitely not as visually attractive as the previous dishes but they were beautiful – the meat was juicy and had a great smokey flavour.  We could have stopped there but all the dishes we tried were so lovely – we just had to order some more.  Thank goodness we did, otherwise we would have missed out on the toasties!
22 Ships 07
Hamachi, watermelon, wasabi, puffed rice – I particularly loved the texture in this dish. The puffed rice worked great with the soft, super fresh raw fish.
22 Ships 08
Jamon, manchego and truffle toastie, quail eggs – first equal with the bone marrow dish for my favourite dish of the meal – so good!  All my favourite food items in dainty little finger toasties, I seriously could have eaten a full plate of these!
22 Ships 09
We quite often do not order dessert, especially when we have tried six savoury dishes, but we had been watching the Korean chef directly in front of us pump out some amazing looking desserts in the smallest of work stations.  And who can resist a bit of liquid nitrogen!  Especially when we got a demo from the chef!

Thai green apple, peanut and compressed celery – I Would never have thought that apple and peanut would go well together in a dessert, but I found the flavour combination a lot more pleasant than the overly rich, more common chocolate – peanut butter combination.  A lovely refreshing dessert – not overly sweet.

I really do think that this was one of my favourite dining experiences of 2014 – I could not fault a single dish.  You appreciate the workmanship of the chefs even more when you see the minuscule work spaces that they work in!  An absolute must if you go are in Hong Kong.

Lunch Wednesday 5 February 2014

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