Toastface Grillah on Grand Lane…


02 Toastface
Even the name, a clever twist on Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah is an attention grabber.  Tucked down a quiet laneway in the city, Toastface comprises of a cute little dilapidated brick courtyard  surrounded with impressive graffiti and is the kind of place that you would not have found in Perth five years ago.  If I had friends visiting from perhaps New York or London, I would take them here to show them that Perth does have cool places to hang out and have a coffee!
01 Toastface
What I loved so much about New York when I visited in 2012 was the role that food played – there were so many great restaurants (and people eating in them at any time of the day and night) to the point where eateries could specialise in a particular item of food such as mac and cheese, lobster rolls, porchetta; unlike any other city I had ever been to.  So I like the fact that Toastface only sells toasted sandwiches – eight different varieties of them.
03 Toastface
We ordered a Notorious B.A.G and a Danny Zucho to share, with a couple of flat whites and a fresh cloudy apple juice for Gav.  The B, A. and G being bacon, apple and gouda also had a small amount of white onion.  Very simple and traditional flavours, the onion giving it an old school taste of the cheese and onion toasties Mum made us as children.  A tasty toasted sandwich, but I was glad that I tried it first because the Danny Zucho definitely took things to the next level!

I think I went “oooh” when I bit in to my marinated zucchini, brie and jamon serrano toasty.  Brie was oozing everywhere and I was trying to pinpoint one particular flavour in the toasty that was a bit of point of difference to your standard ham and cheese.  The zucchini had been marinated in garlic and Chinese five spice, and was sliced super fine so it did not have that sogginess that zucchini can sometimes have.
04  Toastface
The steady stream of people coming in just for a takeaway coffee in the short time we were there was proof of the coffee quality.

Toastface Grillah is open every day except Sunday and if you want to chill and read the paper whilst getting a simple fix of cheesy goodness, you should definitely pay a visit!

Lunch – Monday 10 March 2014

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