The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle…


The Raw Kitchen 01
No dairy, no sugar, no gluten, no meat – just fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains.  A diverse range of people have been raving about the Raw Kitchen – from my female boss who is in her fifties to the other end of the spectrum, a 19 year old male work colleague (a meat-loving South African at that!)  I think the general consensus being that healthy food can be tasty.

The Raw Kitchen 02
The menu consists of mainly raw food items, as well as a few warm dishes such as the curry.  There is an extensive and interesting smoothie list – all dairy and sugar free.  We did not have dessert on this occasion (too full!) but there is raw dairy free ice cream, nine different flavours on the menu from lemon green tea to salted caramel.  Handmade raw chocolates also feature.

The space, a converted warehouse, is huge and includes a yoga studio and a cute little shop at the front of the building which sells raw food cookbooks and a selection of products such as the amazing kale chips!  The Raw Kitchen also hosts raw food workshops and vintage market events are coming soon.

I do not order smoothies often because they take up too much “space for food” but the list was too good to resist.  I ordered a King Hit – cacao, chilli, banana, agave, almond milk and Brenda ordered the Mango Lassi – mango, lemon juice, vanilla bean, agave, ice, almond milk.  Brenda’s was refreshing, while mine started slightly sweet but had a subtle chilli finish, just the right hit of chilli without being overpowering.  Even the way the smoothies were consumed was virtuous – through an environmentally-friendly, reusable metal straw!
The Raw Kitchen 03
We could not stop snacking on the kale chips.  Stated on the menu as a raw item so they must have been dehydrated, not baked – the chips were coated with cashew, sesame, lemon and spices.  The first thing I did when I got home was google some kale chip recipes for some flavour combination ideas – these would be great to serve when friends come over for wine so more calories can be drunk!

The Raw Kitchen 04
The Malaysian Yellow Coconut Curry contained local tempeh, broccoli, spring onion, sugar snap peas, sweet potato, crispy shallots, lime chilli and coriander.  Tempeh is similar to tofu but made by fermenting soybeans instead of curdling soy milk with a coagulant; slighter higher in calories – but with more fibre and protein than tofu.  The curry was served with quinoa and had good fresh flavours and a decent level of heat.  The tempeh had a sweet, slightly earthy taste and the quinoa was great for soaking up all the sauce.

The Raw Kitchen 05
The Raw Nachos are a clever, healthy spin on a typically very unhealthy dish.  Dehydrated hand-cut corn chips served with walnut refried ‘beans’, fresh tomato salsa, guacamole and cashew sour ‘cream’.  The nachos being a raw dish, cannot contain cooked beans, the refried ‘beans’ contained walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and seeds.  The cashew cream is made by blending cashews in a thermomix.

The Raw Kitchen 06
This was a very inspirational dining experience for me.  I have yet to attempt a raw dish in my own kitchen, but I have been busy checking out websites and recipes and hope one day to at least serve my own kale chips (with wine!)  Many people are pleasantly surprised after dining here – it takes a bit more effort, but healthy food can taste good!

Lunch – 14 May 2014

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