Don’t Come Here on a First Date! Old Faithful Bar & BBQ…


Old Faithful 01

Don’t come here on a first date was the first thing I thought of when I looked over at Gavin tucking into his dinner, really embracing the suggestion on the menu to “enjoy the traditions of American BBQ by digging in with your hands and scooping with your breads…”

Old Faithful officially opened today after a soft opening during the weekend, the specialty being slow-cooked smoked meats.  The idea is that you get a menu when you are seated, and then order at the food counter when you are ready.  All the meat is ready to go, you order your sides and receive the food instantly on a big metal tray, designed to share.

Old Faithful 02

The meat is sold per 100 grams which makes it easy and inexpensive to try a selection.  We chose lamb leg, beef brisket, pig middles, as well as a house made beef and pork sausage.  All meats come with a slice of bread and shaved onion, we also added sides of coleslaw and beans.

Old Faithful 03

The meat had a deliciously strong smoky flavour,  but the beef and the lamb did taste a bit similar, and the lamb leg was a wee bit dry, but I think it was near the end of the batch because when I went up for round two there was only ribs available.  The coleslaw was the perfect, (and to me – essential) accompaniment to the smoky meat, cool, crunchy and ever so slightly sweet.

Old Faithful 04

beef brisket, lamb leg, pig middles

The locally sourced meats are smoked in-house and cooked at very low temperatures for up to 24 hours to ensure maximum flavour.  All rubs and sauces are also made in-house.  We were eyeing up more meat so I went up to grab some beef ribs, but in addition to the beef, I somehow obtained pig ribs and another helping of slaw!  The pork ribs were pink, a bit like bacon, nice to have a nibble on, but the beef ribs were hands down favourite meat of the night.  Huge chunks of juicy meat, with enough fat to keep it moist, and all the meat instantly fell clean off the bone – yum!

Old Faithful 05

Another nice, casual eatery in the city with stand out great service, busier than expected (or people hungrier than expected!) which meant they had run out of their snacks.  So I will be popping in for a pint again shortly so I can try the smoked devilled eggs, the pork crackle and of course, chunks of crispy pig face!

Dinner Thursday 22 May 2014

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