Drinking to Help Those Less Fortunate at Shebeen


Shebeen – the first of its kind in Australia, is a not-for-profit bar which raises donations to Third World countries through the sale of food and drinks.  Your choice of beverage and where it comes from determines where their profit goes.  If you decide to have a  Haywards 5000 beer for example – the profit will go to Vision Spring in India, which helps to provide people with glasses.

Nowadays legal in South Africa and Zimbabwe, a “Shebeen” was originally an illegally-operated drinking den, located in black townships as an alternative to bars and pubs because under apartheid black Africans were not permitted to enter bars, which were only for white people.
The profit from my Savannah Cider (as well as all South African wine sold), goes to Room to Read.  It costs just $1 to print a local language book in the ten countries in Asia and Africa in which Room to Read helps to develop and increase child literacy. I adore books and believe it is extremely important that everyone reads, but I did just feel like a cider!  So a coincidental, but fitting choice!
My refreshing Ginger Kaffir Limeade was made with lime-infused vodka, Cointreau, ginger and lime juice.  The profit from this drink went to Root Capital, a non-profit organisation which lends capital and provides financial training for small agricultural businesses in Latin America and Africa.
Other organisations Shebeen support are mothers2mothers, who try to help eliminate the transmission of HIV from African mothers to their babies, One Acre Fund, which helps Rwandan and Kenyan farmers to plant, harvest and sell their own crops, Digital Divide Data who provide tertiary scholarships for disadvantaged youths from Laos, Cambodia and Kenya, and KickStart – another organisation that helps farmers in Africa with products such as pumps to increase their productivity and earnings.  I had not heard of any of these groups until I had a flick through the menu whilst sipping on my drink – so on top of the actual financial help, Shebeen is also assisting by getting their names out there and making people aware of the amazing things they are doing to help people in less developed countries.

It was a great to feel virtuous and do something positive by drinking!

Monday 30 June 2014

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