Mid Week Japanese – Aisuru Sushi in Northbridge


I do not often eat at Japanese restaurants because I prefer my dining out experiences to be a bit less healthy!  A last minute change of plans and limited time to eat brought us to Aisuru Sushi on a quiet Tuesday night.  It is one of those places that you walk past thinking “I must go there someday” while on the way to above-mentioned ‘naughtier establishments’.
01 Miso Soup
We started off with a warming bowl of Miso Soup whilst we were perusing the rather extensive menu. First up, Beef Tataki – four little pieces of lightly seared sirloin served with ponzu sauce.  Good flavours and very enjoyable, but the beef was sliced a bit too thick for me.  The Tuna Sashimi which followed was super fresh, served with gari ginger (pickled) and wasabi. Delicious.
03 Tuna Sashimi
 The Tempura Wagyu Beef was served with cucumber, ponzu sauce, shichimi togarashi flakes, sesame seeds and tamago egg. Very light, crispy batter and tender beef.
04 Tempura Wagyu Beef
The Tank Roll consisted of cream cheese and cucumber inside the actual sushi roll, which was then topped with sliced wagyu beef, red onion and togarashi flakes and drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and eel sauce.  This was my favourite dish of the evening, I loved the fact that there was just as much ingredients on top of the roll as there was inside.  It looked beautiful on the plate when it came out and the flavours went nicely together, the red onion really thinly sliced so nice and subtle.  Again the beef was tender and it was obvious that the sushi had just been made.  Yum, will be back to try other flavour combinations which all looked fantastic on the menu.  
06 Tank Roll
We got a bit adventurous with the Yakitori – from interesting katsu quail egg and bacon, to beef tongue.  There was not the usual “textural issue” with the tongue, it had a great charcoal grill taste, you would not not it was tongue if you had not been told.  We also had very stock-standard pork belly yakitori, there was nothing wrong with it, but nothing stand out either, I definitely preferred the tongue – which I never though I would say!
08 Yakitori
The food was tasty, the presentation fantastic.  I also enjoyed siting at the bar watching everything being prepared in the open kitchen as we waited.

Dinner Tuesday 2 September 2014

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