Mandoon Estate – Seven Course Degustation…


11 Mandoon Estate
Mandoon Estate is doing something very right. A brewery with casual dining, a cellar door, a fine dining restaurant and on the weekends a lovely beer garden with a delicatessen selling artisan cheeses, house made pates, chutneys and other goodies.  Lamb and beef on the spit and homemade pizzas are also on offer in the beer garden; there truly is something for everyone.  The picturesque setting adds to the experience – grape vines, river views, beautiful, big old oak trees and a historic homestead (now an art gallery).  A venue you can easily spend the whole day enjoying.

The restaurant offers both a la carte and degustation, with a 5 or 7 course option – we chose the seven course option with matching Mandoon Estate wines.
01 Mandoon
What an amazing, refreshing amuse-bouche to start the meal – lettuce gazpacho, marron, cos.  I never knew I liked the taste of lettuce so much!  A little shot of cool, crisp lettuce gazpacho – I wanted more!

02 Mandoon
The sourdough and cultured butter are both made in-house.
03 Mandoon
The spring consommé comes with zucchini tortellino, nasturtium, radish, turnip and wood sorrel.  This dish was fresh and presented lovely on the plate, I did enjoy it, but it was probably my least favourite dish of the day.  A good vegetarian dish.  Paired with 2014 Mandoon Estate Surveyors White.
04 Mandoon
The contrast of the white-fleshed Fremantle octopus with the black plate looked stunning when placed in front of me, such a pretty looking dish.  There were some strong flavours with the carpaccio – chilli, spring onion, yuzu; but nothing over-powered, I loved the subtle citrus flavour from the yuzu.  Matched with 2013 Mandoon Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

05 Mandoon
I had never tried toothfish before today.  Glacier 51 toothfish, also known as Patagonian toothfish is caught in the deep, icy Antarctic waters of Heard Island, more than 4000 km away from the Australian mainland.  Because it is fished from so deep where the water is very cold, the fish has a high fat and oil content which gives it a unique buttery texture and up until recently, most of it was exported to the United States and Japan.  Mandoon serve their toothfish with chorizo, kipfler potato, chimichurri and coriander.  Again some quite strong flavours served with seafood – and again they totally work.  Both the slices of chorizo and the chorizo dust tasted fantastic with the buttery texture of the toothfish – great to try something new – a lovely dish.  Paired with 2013 Mandoon Estate Verdelho.
06 Mandoon
The White Rocks veal tartare is a dainty looking dish, packed with flavour. The tartare is served with caperberries, cornichons, lemon gel and little discs of crisp sourdough.  Paired with 2010 Mandoon Estate Old Vine Grenache.
07 Mandoon
Seared duck breast is our last savoury dish.  The duck is served with floss (made from duck leg), a sous vide duck egg, blood orange gel, anise, asparagus and pea three ways – a puree, pea dust and tendrils.  The egg was definitely the highlight of the dish for me – the yolk was soft, but it did not run, super rich with a beautiful consistency.  I really enjoyed this dish and it looked amazing on the plate.  Paired with 2010 Mandoon Estate Reserve Shiraz.

08 Mandoon
Next a nice surprise to cleanse the palate before our two desserts – a refreshing watermelon and vodka sorbet.
09 Mandoon
Strawberry textures is served with the 2014 Mandoon Estate Late Harvest.  This wine is a bit too sweet for my taste when drunk on its own – but it works great with the tartness of the strawberries.  It is not a dessert wine, just a sweeter style wine, the grapes are left on the vine a bit longer so there is a higher sugar content.  A nice fresh dessert, which is essential if you are having more than one!  The textures come in the form of a strawberry gel, ice cream, mousse and cake – the ice cream, made in-house was fantastic.
10 Mandoon
The final dish was a Cluizel chocolate pudding which came with mint chocolate ice cream, ganache and pine nut cannoli – again, the ice cream was amazing!  I loved the fresh flavour of real mint, it worked well with the rich, gooey pudding.  Paired with Pedro Ximenez.

Mandoon Estate regularly change their menu – both degustation and a la carte to keep things seasonal and fresh.  I am really looking forward to getting back out there because there are some fantastic looking dishes on the latest menu! click here for menu.

Lunch 21 October 2015

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