Little Lefroy’s in South Freo…


07.1 Little Lefroy's
With an abundance of cafes popping up all over Perth there needs to be some sort of uniqueness to a venue, small, but well thought out seasonal menus as well as visual appeal.  Little Lefroy’s has got it right – great fit out and design, but still feeling homely and welcoming.
02.1 flat white
Currently on the breakfast menu are some enticing wintery dishes – apple crumble porridge, and a cassoulet with sausage, pulled pork neck, confit duck and brioche crumb.  I had the shakshouka – baked eggs in a homemade tomato sauce with feta, coriander, a generous serve of spicy chorizo and a big thick slice of sourdough to sop up the sauce.
03.1 shakshouka - bake eggs in homemade tomato sauce, feta, coriander and sourdough with chorizo
05.1 Little Lefroy's
As well as being open every day, Little Lefroy’s serves up night-time fare with a small, international wine list Thursday to Saturday, which means more than one return visit for me!  I must try that breakfast cassoulet before our brief Perth winter is over as well as an evening visit for the baked oysters with miso butter and pork crackling – yum!

Brunch – Tuesday 21 April 2015

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