Pixel Coffee Brewers…

06.1 Pixel Coffee Brewers
Pixel Coffee Brewers have recently opened on Oxford Street, slightly further down from the main café strip.  Upon entering my eyes were immediately drawn to the planter box on the back wall filled with hanging plants and the gorgeous floral arrangements on the table.  What a fantastic fit out; stark, white, minimalist – quite different to other venues in Leederville.
03.1 Pixel Coffee Brewers
Pixel use Brazilian Alice Estate and Colombian Primaveral coffee beans for their milk coffees as well as single origin beans on rotation.  Great coffee!
04.1 Pixel Coffee Brewers
The counter food looked simply stunning.  I love the use of herbs in both savoury and sweet items: egg, spinach, roast tomato and thyme tarts, basil shortbread with lemon curd and rosemary and lemon curd yoyos.  All items made in-house.
10.1 Egg, spinach, roast tomato & thyme tart
09.1 Basil shortbread with lemon curd
I ordered the Pix Plate.  Potato and herb hash served with poached eggs and pea, prosciutto and parmesan salad.  The hash was well seasoned and tasted great with the sharp, good quality parmesan.  I loved the generous serving of prosciutto – and the fact it was served two ways; freshly sliced as well as a few crispy bits, which added different textures to the dish.  I could probably take or leave the peas – but they were fresh peas and added a bit of nutritional value!  A nice dish.
20.1 Pix Plate
Gav ordered Super Smash.  The Woodfired Baker sourdough with avocado, poached eggs, house marinated feta and toasted seed and herb salad.
17.1 Super Smash - the Woodfired Baker grain, poached eggs, avocado, house marinated feta, toasted seed & herb salad
We are very lucky to have such a great new coffee spot so close to us.  Of course I wish Pixel every success but I do not want too many of the crowd from the other end of the street up our way – it’s only little and I don’t like sharing!
01.1 Pixel Coffee Brewers
Breakfast – Thursday 30 April 2015

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