Taste of Perth 2015…

1 Taste of Perth
The Taste festivals launched in London eleven years ago and since then have spread across the globe – Cape Town, Auckland, Moscow, Toronto – and this month Paris was the latest city to host the festival.  Perth has followed Sydney and Melbourne and is now in its second year.  Some of the best venues in town set up pop-up restaurants – along with wine tasting, beer, cider, cocktails and local produce.
2 Mary's - fried chicken wings
Mary Street Bakery by day – Mary’s by night.  You enter the restaurant through a different door, the  furniture is changed over – even different chefs!  We had the fried chicken wings which are boned and filled with kewpie mayo, roe and sauce. 
3 el Publico and Mary's
Mount Lawley’s el Publico ran hourly tequila master classes and were serving up their popular street corn and tacos, as well as fried crickets!
4 el Publico - lamb ribs - twice cooked served sticky with sesame, cucumber & lime
We had their lamb ribs which were twice cooked and served sticky with sesame, cucumber and lime.
5 Lalla Rookh
The CBD’s Lalla Rookh had two stalls – their restaurant serving up Italian staples such as gnocchi and meatballs and the wine and salumi store for cheese, cured meats and wine flights.
6 Lalla Rookh - ricotta gnocchi - sugo di carne organic beef & pork ragu
We tried the ricotta gnocchi with sugo di carne, made with organic beef and pork.
7 Lalla Rookh
The Print Hall Dining Room was back at the festival again this year with some beautiful looking food, probably my two favourite dishes of the day (but the gnocchi was right up there!)
8 Print Hall
Cambinata yabbie served with jalapeno, desert lime and native myrtle.
9 Print Hall - potato & stinging nettle risotto - goats curd, fermented tofu, gai larn
Potato and stinging nettle risotto with goats curd, fermented tofu and gai larn (chinese broccoli).
10 Asado
Asado is a recently opened small bar in Claremont  serving Argentinian street food and meat slow-cooked on their parilla BBQ grill.
11 Asado
We tried the lomito – Argentinian fast food equivalent of the kebab!  A lomito is basically a steak sandwich and there seems to be a lot of variations but they all feature lovely barbecued beef with chimichurri.  Asado’s version is BBQ’d rump cap, loose leaf chimichurri, chipotle mayo and salsa criolla.
12 Asado - lomito - BBQ'd rump cap, loose leaf chimichurri, chipotle mayo, salsa criolla
Our session was nearly up and alcohol service stops half an hour before closing time.  We had $6 worth of crowns left.
14 Lalla Rookh - fried custard - candied citrus, toasted almonds
We zeroed our Crown card on Lalla Rookh’s fried custard with candied citrus and almonds.
13 Lalla Rookh
There was plenty of alcoholic beverages on offer – we did a great tasting at Torbreck Vinters and enjoyed a can of Colonial Brewing Company ale.
15 Colonial Brewing Co


Friday 15 May 2015


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