Lunch in Soho – 10 Greek Street…

01.1 Greek Street
10 Greek Street – named after its street address in Soho is a small, modern restaurant which seats around 30 diners.  The decor is simple and understated – off-white tiles, chalkboard menus and black unclothed tables.  The seasonal menu is updated daily.
05.1 guinea fowl
I ordered a special from the blackboard – guinea fowl, new potatoes, peas and summer truffle.  I had never tasted guinea fowl before, it has chicken-like white meat, but tastes slightly like pheasant, not overly gamey.  The meat tasted fantastic – succulent and juicy.  The new potatoes were lightly crushed, perfectly seasoned and flavoured with capers and herbs – beautiful.  Summer truffle I have also never tried – a much more subtle flavour to the black winter truffle I have tasted in Australia.
07.1 chocolate cheesecake & blackberries
I had the chocolate cheesecake with blackberries for dessert on the recommendation from the waiter.  An enjoyable dessert, classic flavour combination – but  very conservative.
09.1 - 10 Greek Street

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Lunch Monday 13 July 2015

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