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I am a kiwi girl who moved to Perth in 2009 after living in London, Dublin, Vancouver and Amsterdam.  I absolutely love to travel – and love to eat and drink!  My holidays always seem to based around the next meal!

I have managed to find myself a young Australian man who loves eating and drinking just as much as I do, I consider myself extremely lucky that he is willing to spend an entire week’s wages on lunch at The Fat Duck!   The matching wines which doubled the price was his idea not mine!  Now if only he could learn to taste my food before seasoning it – he would be perfect!

We both work in the hospitality sector, Gavin as a food & beverage manager of a hotel/restaurant/function venue, and myself a functions coordinator at a yacht club.  So eating and drinking out a few times a week is all in the name of research!

My food blog is all about our dining and drinking experiences in Perth and on our travels, as well as my attempts in Hels’ Kitchen!  I love to cook for my friends and family just as much as dining out…

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled reasonably extensively around the world, but there is still  a lot more I would love to see – and eat!  I do wish that I had started my blog a few years ago – in 2012 we ate at so many amazing restaurants around the world: The Fat Duck in Bray, Dinner by Heston in London, Momofuku Ssam in New York, Quay in Sydney – I am going to attempt to write about these experiences – luckily I have taken photos of my food experiences for years so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

I hope everyone enjoys reading my posts, please follow me if you do!

Helen 11 July 2013

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve added a new feature so you can publish your blog posts on Urbanspoon yourself without having to wait for us to do it! Here’s how:

    – Make sure you’re signed into Urbanspoon.
    – Go to your Urbanspoon blog page (not your user profile): https://www.urbanspoon.com/br/338/11318/Perth/helskitchen.html
    – Click “Edit blog settings”.
    – In the Pending Posts section, click “Edit and publish my pending posts”.
    – Then, enter the “snippet” text, verify the date and URL, and press Publish.

    Please make sure that:
    – The URL should be the permalink to the blog post (not the blog home page, a post preview, or a service like feedproxy).
    – The snippet should be 2-3 sentences (quoted from your blog post) that gives an idea of what’s in the post.
    – The snippet should NOT include bylines, dates, address info, captions, tags, HTML code, etc.

    Note: there may be a delay of 1-2 hours after you post on your blog until our system detects the post.

    We’ll give you one week to do it yourself, then it’ll go into our queue to publish.

    Thank you for all of your contributions, and let me know if you have any questions.




    • Thanks Greg, that’s fantastic. If I revisit a restaurant, can I take the Urbanspoon link off the old blog post and link it to the new as it will be more up to date and probably better pictures and writing?! I did read that you can have only one blog post per restaurant

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